Cal Academy of Science Nightlife 'How To'

Last Thursday I finally had a chance to visit the Cal Academy of Science with a few of my friends as one of my first photo trips. Cal Academy of Science hosts these young adult oriented (as you have to be 21+ to enter. The reason behind it? You guessed it — booze) night events called "Nightlife" that happens every Thursday 6-10pm. Every Nightlife has a special theme, and the one we visited was theme 'How To"— different vendors came in teaching a variety of fun skills whether it be preparing sashimi, wine tasting, or arts and craft.

The followings are some of the picks from the night's excursion. Shot with Canon 600D (which I believe is the Asian equivalent of Canon T3i. Enjoy!

#science #cal #academy #calacademyofscience #raptile #animal #museum #photography #art #portrait #fish #frog #photoexcursion #excursion

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