Cal Bear Stickers

This is one of those personal design projects that I always have on my mind but feel that I don't have the time to do, but hey, I finally did it! I have to say, the outcome was better than I expected considering I only made 1 post on a student For Sale page on Facebook considering I am just testing out the water and working out delivery methods (proven that this is something I need to iterate on for future business). I ordered 100 stickers from StickerMule and reserved 10 stickers for myself— in one week, 85 stickers were sold and now I am left with 5 stickers with a few customers whom I'm waiting for to pick them up.

The design is one of the few bear illustration I created before I graduated from UC Berkeley. Here are the product shots I took and edited for that particular Facebook post. Big shoutout to Chloe Ng who graciously agreed to be the sticker model.

Thank you so much for those who supported it! It's heartwarming to see strangers coming up to you and said they love the stickers. Let's all continue to embrace the arts!

#stickers #graphicdesign #photography #cal #bears #ucberkeley #print #illustration #art

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