Step No. 2 the Awakening of the Light

Evidently, I haven’t been doing a good job keeping up with writing down my design & art journey, so here s a post about my recent experimentation with Flashpoint Monolight 620M with my Canon 600D (more commonly known as T3i here in the States).

I purchased this mainly because I will be helping a friend out with photographing for his upcoming tour which I won’t disclose much information at this point, and this is a good excuse for me to throw money for this little baby now I have. And here are some shots I’ve gotten so far.

A few things to note about connecting wireless trigger to this baby and using Monolight with this DSLR—

To trigger moonlight flash with correct syncing, you don’t need to connect any cord between the remote and the DSLR. Canon doesn’t support PC (Prontor-Compur), so the wireless connect will be enough. The flash still fires if you do connect some sort of wire to the DSLR, but the syncing will be off and you can’t take a proper picture. Just make sure your remote control is nicely mounted on your horseshoe

For 600D, it seems like the fastest shutter speed you can go without off syncing with the flash is 1/250. Anything faster than that will not work that nicely.

Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any inquiries.

#portrait #photography #design #art #photoshoot

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